My new endeavour of music videos providing content on research based mental health research based psychology coping skills - I call it PsyPop, which stands for Psychology Pop. It is a subset genre of PosiPop, which are positive songs that contain constructive messages.  

The music videos merge research based coping skills alongside individual experiences. What I like about science it the bellcurve: while research indicated what works for most people, however you must find what works for YOU.

Mental Wellness is defined as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” (The World Health Organization, 2004). I write uncommon songs based on positive psychology research. “The Mind State of Flow”, “Is it OK to Have a Bad Day”, “Gratitude Journals” and “Body Image to Soul Image” are some of the first published songs. Stay tuned for "Self Perception", Powerful Empowerment", "I Love Human Beings" and coming asap is "What Do You Want to Create?".

I hope you enjoy! Please share, give feedback ...or simply collaborate with me: Don't be shy, say hi!

I am Art
At BBC Scotland!
Ready to sing?
Graduating Harvard
NYC Body Diversity Performance
This Skin
Love is Love! #rainbow #diversity
Body Image Song Performance
Every Color Is Beautiful
Live Your Dream
Golfing in Florida
Magical World of Fairy Festivals
Harvard University Commencement
Harvard University Happiness Project
Full Blown Self Expression
Yeah Outdoors Is Magic
Album Cover
Academic Comedian Club
Bold Leadership
UK  Burners
Be Realistic
Sister Sparkle Joy
A Visual Journey on Soul Mending
Princess of the Nile
#PloyPride Love Is Love!
Worth Getting to Know
Body Shaming Not Ok

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This Skin

The perception of color pigmentation Seems but a figment of our imagination For there are no two eyes that see the world the same We all have different wiring going on in our brains Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Yet we've given some the cold shoulder Causing casualties in the battle over this skin We're in need of a global reckoning A realization that all of our roots are sewn in humanity That we're meant to mix together organically Like this photo, I am rendered in black and white