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                                                       Listed below are links & people who have influenced my thought & action. 

                                               I highly recommend checking them out for your own advancement. It's free. 


Positive Information

The biggest well of research on positive aspects of human behavior by topic, here.

Watch story videos instead of reading the article.

Starting with a few videos based on wellness research. Watch and learn, enjoy the resources and even funny bloopers. Get more info on audiovisual learning resources. Based on research on positive aspects of human behavior by topic, here.

Work-Life, Self Esteem, Perfectionism & more

Tal Ben-Shahar gave the most popular course at Harvard on Happiness. You can buy or listen to his books, watch the original course videos (pirated and therefore free), or check out his website.

Happier: Tal Ben-Shahar
The Tao of Pooh
Secrets of a Passionate Marriage
Men R from Mars, Women R from Venus
How to Win Friends& Influence People
Ellen J Langer: Mindfulness
The Celestine Prophecy
The Pursuit of Perfect
Learned Optimism

recomended Books

Fascinating Perception of Life

Ellen J. Langer of Harvard University studies how to notice things we never do and discover a new way of being alive. More here.

Video shorts for education 

A collection of good links to video channels which host various topics explained through videohere.

Free Academia

This happiness course, together with endless free courses from universities are hosted on platforms such as EDx and Coursera. Learn anything!

Do things together 

Find it hard to start a new routine? Want meet people near you who share your interests? Join a group and make it happen at

Inspiring talks 

TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity, with subtitles in 100+ languages. 

Gamifyimg Education 

Learn how education can become a game! Check Jane Mcgonigal's talk or her motivation game superbetter

Be Yourself Today 

Micheal Wesch explains at the library of congress how Authenticity is what comes first in our new media times.  

Emotions: a kids intro

One of many great movies which helps introduce young people to mental health topics, more here.

Body Hair

Very fun video about Embracing your Body Hair. 

Body Image

NEDA is one of the biggest resources for Body Image, Body Positivity, Eating Disorder, Self Acceptance and related issues, more here. me for personalised guidance


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