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And Collaborations


... is just a fancy way to say I've worked with & helped these people and organizations.

Each project gave me more insight and skills of which I will be glad to share with you, in order to promote your endeavor's prosperity.

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MIT  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard University
United Nations
Israeli Ministry of Education

Interactive Exhibit Artist and Performer

"Fashion of Compassion" Gotham Hall, NYC 2013- 2016

Engagement in Visual Education

Department of Social Equality.

Tel Aviv, Israel 2017

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City University NYC
Harvard University
One Billion Rising

Event Coordinator Interactive exhibit facilitator and Keynote Speaker, leading the four-hour dance festival 2016

Authentic intimacy

For Prof David Sit, psychology department

New York, 2012

User Experience:Next Steps  to a Company

 Grading and Course workshop leader 2015-2017

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Harvard Hillel

Positive Psychology Free Workshops

Producer and Educator online and in person.

Harvard, 2012

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Prof. Tal Ben-Shahar
Study Via Story
UNESCO “The Choice”

Project Director

Wellness psychology projects. Tel Aviv 2007-8 Further self lead projects 2009-current

Workshop on "Sweet Networking"

Mercy College NY & NYBC

New York 2017


Transforming Education to Video Stories

 Harvard University. Cambridge, MA 2013-2015

Eli Weasel’s World Premier Theatre event

“The Choice” Harvard University Cambridge, MA 2015

Shalhavit’s ability to engage an audience are extraordinary.

Her performance and contribution was outstanding... reliable, hardworking and most effective.

Malko Ebers, Chief Executive Officer

New York Business Consultants NYBC

Shalhavit's assistance brought to life the introduction of the audience to the play’s main theme of individual responsibility in the face of ideological conflicts.

I follow her on several social platforms and news posts and I have always been very impressed by her love and dedication to the human race. She is a hard worker and the positivity and optimism which she brings into the room and the team really make a difference.

Clara Guila Kessous

UNESCO Artist for Peace.  

Goodwill Ambassador Division.

Shalhavit is a diligent, hard-working, thorough, thoughtful and thought-provoking individual. She asks all the right questions, and then works hard to discover ways of answering them. She'll succeed in everything she does, I'm sure.

Manuela Zoninsein 钟梦露

Palantir Technologies

Shalhavit is a doer, and her admirable work ethic and immense talents will help my company achieve its mission of increasing economic diversity on college campuses. 

The hallmarks of her work are a fresh perspective, deep user experience expertise, persistence, and a “roll up your sleeves” attitude of getting out there and doing the work. 

I was thoroughly impressed with Shalhavit, and I think any organization would benefit from getting her valuable perspective.

Rena Pacheco-Theard

CEO & Co-Founder, Prepify

Shalhavit is a "positively passionate" advocate of pursuing what I wholeheartedly endorse for my students and for which she is a living example. Find what makes you happy and get someone to pay you to do it! She clearly has the commitment and dedication to her beliefs and the sheer desire to make it happen.

Bob Cohen

Assistant Director - Harvard University Office of Career Services

Happifying Harvard
Tufts University
Boston University

Numerous projects to promote wellness on Harvard’s campus


"Finding Your Calling" Workshop

For prof Debra Levi Psychology Department

Summerville MA, 2013

Workshop leader

Engaging Innovative Multimedia


Harvard  TEDx

preparations and coaching to Prof Chris Walsh,  Boston MA 2016

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Tel Aviv University
University of Vermont
 Hadassah 100-year

Guest consultant on video education innovation and MOOCs

2017 -2018

Lead several workshops & the first sister-city birthright 10-day trip to Israel


Kickoff Event Keynote Workshop Leader on Joy and community

New England 2013

Tour Guide, Facilitator Planner and and Leader of 10 day long Tours and Engagements 2002-2007

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Jewish Agency
Bar Ilan University
Kesher Creative Learning

Overseas Student Program leader  for educational programs and charity projects 

Ramat Gan, Israel 2005

Educational Representative on Jewish Values and Identity at NJ, VT [USA], Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria [South Africa] 2005-2007

Creative teaching of Jewish values and Total Physical Response language teaching method 2015

Developed video MOOC  series “MIT Entrepreneurship 101”. Prototyped new styles of educational video 2013-2015

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Eco Glimmer
CCRI Edinburgh

Conducting UX research for free app helping low income students prepare for college. USA 2018

Managed and Executed Social Media and PR content via 11 Models 4 Photographer Glitter Party. USA 2018

Facilitated interactive skill section

on User Experience Design

Interactive seminar on "Who is Your Audience"

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Edinburgh University
Heriot Watt
Edinburgh Innovations

Post Graduate Representative 

Facilitated first Eating Disorder Awareness Panel Event on Campus Old College

Facilitated Faculty Seminar:

"How to Network Successfully" 

Independent Seminar Facilitator

on Public Engagement and Networking

Shalhavit-Simcha Cohen is dynamic and dependable. I have long been impressed with the way she balances her creativity with her professionalism. She is a pleasure to work with.

Robert Biswas-Diener

Positive Acorn

Seeing you and listening to you was, as always, very insightful. The team was inspired and the discussion continued afterwards, reflecting on the impact of the talk.

Tel aviv University 

Online Pedagogy Team

Shalhavit brings enormous optimism, energy, creativity and purpose to everything she does. Her idea of making a TV show based on positive psychology research is the perfect case-in-point; a brilliant concept, brought forward by her ability to enthuse people with her upbeat vision. It has been my pleasure to work with her on this ground-breaking concept.

David Kaplan

Business Consultant

Shalhavit-Simcha is a born leader. The way Shalhavit facilitates a meeting is charismatic and captivating. Working from a foundation of ethics and intellect makes Shalhavit's approach effective and inspiring. Her knowledge of her field is impressive, and the insights she shared with me were unexpected and brilliant.

Frazer Kirkman

Happiness Guru and Mental Coach

Ms. Cohen brought a genuine, dynamic, and interactive approach to engaging our audience.

She brought faith and healing to a deeply personal event. Ms. Cohen is a bright light in a world that can feel oppressively dark. I wish her nothing but the best and give her the highest recommendation..

Casey Becker, LMHC

Mended Wing FL


Shalhavit is highly positive and strongly focussed individual with an obvious energetic and creative approach to her professional life.She combines a sharp mind with a deep intuitive intelligence and has a clear vision of her projects direction.She is clearly in control of her material and knows the value of genuine collaboration.She radiates great charm and an inner strength and it is a joy to be in her presence.

Jeff Gordon

Founder of Happiness Training

It is my experience that success in media requires a surprisingly rare combination of talent and drive. Shalhavit-Simcha adds to both of these a passion for happiness and positivity that is not just a set of ideals for her, but clearly also an expression of her inner self. We have benefited greatly from our collaborations with Shalhavit-Simcha and are confident that she will succeed in whatever she sets her mind to.

Malka Winter

Innovative Independant TV/Film Producer


  • Harvard DCE; MA Instructional Design and Digital Media. ALM program (2016) Related coursework in photography, Video editing, Technomusicology, Programming. Capstone Thesis project on Transforming Academic Articles into Short Video Stories.​

  • Dean’s List Academic Achievement Award - Harvard DCE GPA 4.0 Honors (2017)

  • Bar Ilan University; BS Molecular Cellular and Medical Biology. Ramat Gan, Israel (2005). Related coursework in fine arts, statistics, economics and business management. Independent Molecular biology research at Government Dept. of Agriculture.

  • Cambridge & Sharon Community Television Networks. Producer & Host Intern/Volunteer. Cambridge, MA (2013-2015)

  • Harvard Woman in Business; Associate. One-year training program. Cambridge, MA (2010)

  • Sleek Marketing University; Intern. Social PR. Cambridge, MA (2016)

  • The National Nature Reserves; Certified Tour Guide. Israel (2001-2008)

  • PresenTense Institute; Intern. Incubator for Social Entrepreneurship. Jerusalem, Israel (2009)

  • The Jewish Agency of Israel; Certified informal educator and seminar leader (2001- 2006) 

  • Sadie Rennert Women’s Institute for Torah Studies - Scholar resident. Matan, Jerusalem (2007)

  • The Jerusalem Center for Advanced Jewish Study for Women Resident, Jerusalem (2005-2007)

  • Miss Fitness of Israel 2011 - Fitness Pageant, Proportions and Aesthetics Category. Israel (2011)​



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