Please enjoy my music videos providing content on mental health research based

psychological coping skills

Shalhavit-Simcha's music videos merge research based coping skills alongside individuals sharing their experiences. She appreciates sciences' reassuring bellcurve: while research indicates what works for most people, you discover what works for YOU.

"I particularly enjoyed the song where you say 'I Love People'. Because this is the best thing that we can do while we ARE HERE in this world"


Her Excellency Ms. Maria Teresa Mesquita Pessôa

Ambassador of Brazil in Nepal

"..I will now forever think of you as the Lady Gaga of Personal Empowerment! 

The joy, the glitter, the tackling demons until they turn into angels - what you are doing SERIOUSLY matters. And rocks!"

Shannon Cutts,

CEO MetorConnectEd

I am Art
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Graduating Harvard
NYC Body Diversity Performance
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Love is Love! #rainbow #diversity
Body Image Song Performance
Every Color Is Beautiful
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Harvard University Happiness Project
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Be Realistic
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Worth Getting to Know
Body Shaming Not Ok


Sharing with you our live performance with the little kids from the orphanage of Jeewan Utthan Children Home. Together we party on zoom playing capoeira, learning morals from the animals with wisdom of animal fu, dance dance, sing sing along, heal ourselves and others, share amazing energies 

Deep inside I REALLY believe that when we  CELEBRATE, the angels above are dancing and saying "FINALLY, they GOT IT".

#PosiPop, #PsyPop

PsyPop stands for Psychology Pop. It is a subset genre of PosiPop, which are positive songs that contain constructive messages.  

Mental Wellness is defined as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” (The World Health Organization, 2004). Shalhavit-Simcha writes uncommon songs based on positive psychology research. “The Mind State of Flow”, “Is it OK to Have a Bad Day”, “Gratitude Journals” and “Body Image to Soul Image” are some of the first published songs. Stay tuned for "Self Perception", Powerful Empowerment", "I Love Human Beings" and coming asap is "What Do You Want to Create?".

Glass Buildings


The music film “Is it Okay to Have a Bad Day” was distributed on multiple online platforms and social media, and was presented at online and in person screening events and international film festivals. 


Audience members on all platforms were invited to fill in a feedback survey, and share their thoughts in discussion.

Thematic analysis of participants’ experiences indicated mostly favourable and appreciative themes. They reported notions of ownership, feeling proud and trusting of oneself. Normalization of negative emotions, kindness, or generosity regarding oneself, compassion and appreciation of other people. A new desire to act or an action has been taken. 

The diagram below preseCode intersections: If the participant said “I plan to be kinder to others” it will be coded both as “social empathy” but also under “Behavioural intention”. The code intersection shows how many and what was the relationship between the categories. 

Please enjoy this interactive data diagram: