Family-friendly fun

from noon to midnight

PosiFest is a free festival of music, art and activities happening on March 5, 2022 at Edinburgh’s most beloved venue, The Pear Tree, and worldwide online!


The mission of this festival is to share specific tools, techniques and perspectives to help you make your world a more positive place, through celebration, live music, comedy, performances, games and other proactive, pro-social activities.



MSP Emma Harper   Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar 
Dr. Amy Hardie   Rev. Harriet Harris 
Chris Gimby   Prof. Matthias Schwannauer 
Morgan Motika Njobo   Sketchy Beats Cafe   Shalhavit
 Actors Acting It Out    Silent Disco    Breathing Space 
Flow Artists & Dancers   Fire Dance Troupe   and more!


The Tree of Kindness

What are the words you long to hear?

Write words of encouragement on colorful tags and tie them to The Tree of Kindness for someone else to find.


Discover what words of encouragement and recognition other people long to hear, and consider these words the next time you go to give a compliment or pep talk! 

tree of kindness baamboozle culture posifest.jpeg
The BeFriending Zone

Do you want to make more meaningful connections?

Positive social interactions increase your personal well-being and life satisfaction. 


The Befriending Zone at Posifest stimulates meaningful connections by guiding strangers to start a conversations using active listening, a powerful communication skill that increases human connection.

Self-Affirmation Art

How can you make your self-talk more constructive?

Self-affirmation activates your brain’s reward and self-processing systems. After learning the basics of constructive self-talk, you'll turn your most empowering affirmation into a work of art using environmentally-friendly art supplies. 

Take home this free souvenir to remember that the skills you learn at PosiFest are skills for life!

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Safe Space

For anyone who'd like to rest amidst the festivities 

Inside this calm, separate space, PosiFest provides journals and writing prompts based on the writing therapy research of psychologist Dr. James Pennebaker. 


Dr. Pennebaker conducted the original work on "expressive writing," showing that people's health and productivity can improve through writing. 

Resource Hive

How can you make your self-talk more constructive?

One of our goals at PosiFest is to help you access more meaningful, truly helpful resources to make your world a more positive place. 


Visit The Resource Hive to discover more people, places and things to help you continue your personal growth and development outside of PosiFest.